EMDR Consultation for Therapists

**Offered to other therapists In Person and Online via Zoom from anywhere around the world**

EMDR Therapy has been the single best modality that I have learned to resolve the trauma of client's painful histories.  I strongly believe that because of my work with my EMDR expert consultant and ongoing advanced trainings in EMDR, I have become a much better therapist and supervisor. I am passionate about my work as a clinician, and know that will spill into my consultation with you.  I aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment where consultees can discuss cases, how to conceptualize a case using the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model, and any difficulties they may be having doing EMDR treatment.  In addition to learning all of the steps and phases of this model, I encourage my consultees to embrace their knowledge and be able to apply techniques that are client specific, and that are backed with good, sound, therapeutic reasoning.  The only way to do this is to make consultation a safe and comfortable place to make mistakes and discuss them, as well as to celebrate successes.

The importance of knowing all eight phases of EMDR cannot be stressed enough; and I am here to help you with that.  I know it can be overwhelming to "learn a new language" when first trained in EMDR.  You might have had a successful practice or been in the mental health field for years before learning this technique, so we already have a great foundation onto which we can base your new skills in EMDR.  Learning anything new takes time and a lot of practice, so let's go through this together and I will help you apply this with your clients in a therapeutic and methodical way.  Only after you learn the basic skills as taught in the basic training will you be able to see how to branch out and individualize this therapy for all of your clients.

Once you have a confidence and competence in the standard EMDR protocol, you can begin to use consultation and trainings to broaden out your therapeutic horizons, perhaps to early developmental trauma, phobias, OCD, eating disorders, chronic pain and dissociation.  It can be both an exciting and daunting thought to do this, but together let us consider the possibilities and how to appropriately apply these techniques.  It is very important to be skilled in the basics before jumping to the advanced courses of EMDR, so let me help you build upon the basics to help you improve both your confidence and competence. Call me or send me an email to get started with your EMDR consultation!

Click here for the Necessary Criteria for Recommendation as EMDRIA Certified Therapist

What to expect in EMDR consultation (for therapists):

  • Consultation with a Certified EMDR therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant
  • Consultation with the EMDRIA San Diego Regional Co-Coordinator who can help connect you to other providers and trainings in the region to expand your EMDR network and opportunities
  • Consultation with a facilitator at the EMDR Readiness Academy Basic Training (EMDRIA approved)
  • Better understanding of the EMDR process and the AIP model as well as guidance in implementing EMDR with first clients through more complex cases
  • Extensive education regarding complex trauma cases, including how to detect and treatment plan with dissociative clients
  • Supportive and safe space to discuss clients and therapeutic issues
  • Accurate assessments and treatment planning for clients given simple or complex trauma histories
  • Reviewing your clients through each of the eight phases via your video recording in consultation sessions to help you better fine tune your skills
  • Commitment, dedication, and open communication
  • Flexibility to work around your needs
  • Sensitivity towards clients' and clinician's need
  • Video chat services offered

***Group consultation offered for $70/hour per person.  Please contact Kathleen to join an ongoing group or to form a group with your colleagues.  Currently, we are doing the consultation group via Zoom only.***