The Best Things About Virtual EMDR Consultation

Have you considered EMDR consultation but found it to be inconvenient to fit into your busy schedule?  Is it hard to find an EMDR consultant in person near you?  I have found virtual EMDR consultation to be convenient and it solves a lot of problems that used to make getting consultation hours towards EMDR certification difficult for some people. Is virtual EMDR consultation possible?  How does it work? Yes!  Virtual EMDR consultation IS possible. (the international credentialing website for EMDR therapists) allows for "phone or real-time web based consultation" that does not need to be approved in advance by them.  My preference when I used this method to do consultation of my own was using a video chat service so I could "see" my consultant as we spoke.  As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant myself, I do prefer to use a video chat service to be able to see as much as possible in consultation.  Regarding other aspects of EMDR consultation, they would remain the same: a one hour time frame for an individual session, the same fee for service, etc.  This method would simply be either via video chat or phone instead of in person. Why would I want to do virtual EMDR consultation versus in person EMDR consultation? I find the biggest plus of doing virtual EMDR consultation to be how convenient it is.  It allows for more time in your day, not having to travel to see me or another consultant locally which could mean seeing more clients in your practice instead. If you do not live near an EMDR consultant (for example, you live in a rural area or far from any EMDR consultant), this is an excellent way to gain hours towards certification without having to figure out how to reach out and plan long trips to see a consultant in person. If you find an EMDR consultant somewhere else in the world that specializes in something that you do, or does work that is of particular interest to you, this is a great way to gain some of their expertise from afar. Additionally, the practice of EMDR can come with many books, client cases, and resources that are cumbersome to lug around with you as you travel to your consultant's office.  It is convenient if you are video chatting from your office or home, that you have your materials at your fingertips. Regarding notes, videos and other items that your consultant would need to review: it is easy to send these through encrypted programs and HIPAA compliant systems (email and video viewers) that will keep your clients' information confidential while allowing your consultant to review your work. This sounds great! What do I do from here? I encourage you to consider the convenience of virtual EMDR consultation.  It really does make gaining hours towards certification easier and more hassle-free.  Please contact me via this website, email or phone for more information on starting virtual EMDR consultation with me today!